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Meet our world-class panel of experts in the microbiota field appearing in our events.

Jorge Amil Dias
Dr. Jorge Amil Dias

MD, Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hospital Lusíadas (Porto, Portugal)

Dr Arrieta
Dr. Marie-Claire Arrieta

Assistant Professor in the departments of Physiology, Pharmacology and Pediatrics of the University of Calgary, (Calgary, Canada).

Roberto Berni Canani
Prof. Roberto Berni Canani

MD PhD, Professor of Pediatrics and specialist in pediatric gastroenterology, food allergy and nutrition, University Federico II (Naples, Italy)

Professor Martin Jack Blaser
Prof. Martin J. Blaser

Director of the Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine and Professor of medicine in universities (New Jersey, USA)

Professor Henry Cohen
Prof. Henry Cohen

Professor and chairman of gastroenterology, Hospital de Clínicas (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Prof Dinleyici
Prof. Ener Cagri Dinleyici

Professor of Pediatrics at the Eskisehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Medicine, (Eskisehir, Turkey).

Joël Doré
Dr. Joël Doré

PhD, Scientific Director of the MetaGenoPolis, Center of Excellence in Microbiome Analysis (Paris, France)

Prof. Alessio Fasano

MD, PhD, W. Allan Walker Chair of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, MassGeneral Hospital for Children (Boston, USA)